What’s in my makeup bag : 12 things to have on the go

Hey there Glamies ,

Today i want to discuss makeup bags. Those tiny first aid kits that we carry around in our purses if ever there’s a need for a touch up or unexpected events.

Personally I always have one with me because you never know what could happen in a day , I could be at work looking crusty when I suddenly receive a text from a friend asking if you’d like to go out or I could be at school baring a striking resemblance to a zombie and some unexpected event comes up or you’re simply running around going bout your day and its starts pouring so you look like a hot mess. Here’s some stuff I like to keep at hand for when I’m stuck in one of these scenarios !







Black eyeliner

If ever there’s need to add an edge to a look having eyeliner to create a bold wing.




mascara sephora



I always like to carry a small sample size of any mascara I have at hand







Blistex saviour for all with chapped and dry lips in only one application . The most effective lip balm I ever purchased !



Makeup wipes

If ever you need to wipe your make-up off or even if you’re not wearing make-up but would like to wipe your face having a small ziplock bag with make-up wipes to save space that you can refill when you’re out !







Bold lipstick

Most of the time its going to be a red lipstick so I could use it as a lip colour or a blush . I really like my YSL baby doll kiss because it’s a smooth and creamy lipstick but it can also be used as a blush.




Nude lipstick

I like to have options so having a nude lipstick gives me liberty to choose a neutral lip for a low-key glam !



Travel size M.A.C setting spray

Great to set your make-up or to freshen your face keeping the small travel size is great . Plus now they have new scented ones so pick your favourite fragrance between coconut, rose or lavender !







Lip pencil

I always have a brown lip liner because it matches my skin tone and pretty much every lipstick I have. It helps me create great lip looks with nude lippies or glosses  !








Keeping a tube of your favourite lip gloss to accentuate your lips  !








L.A Pro concealer


Small and cheap plus it offers great coverage , best of both worlds !





Contact lenses case and solution

I’m as blind as a bat so I have to wear lenses so if ever they get uncomfortable or for whatever reasons I have to take them out, I like to carry  a little set of essentials to be ready !


Now here are a few cute cheap makeup bags from Forever 21


That’s pretty much it , basically I like to carry around travel size of my favourite products and be ready for any eventualities. What about you , do you carry around a make-up bag ? If so, what do you put in it  ?









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2 thoughts on “What’s in my makeup bag : 12 things to have on the go

  1. J | thenellybean

    I love having the option of a red lippie or a nude one in my bag, gotta be prepared to suit your mood! Also those simple wipes are amazing. xx



    1. Chelsea

      Totally , thanks for commenting ! xx


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